SHORT WAVE 26w 240v LAMP (Upgraded from 15W)

UPDATE: These lamps are now 26W. The body is the same, but it now has a more powerful bulb.

This is our 26W Short Wave (UVC, 254nm) 240v mains-powered lamp.  I make them myself. The body is powder-coated aluminium with plastic end caps. The 100mmx50mm filter (which is the most expensive part of the lamp) is protected by a steel grid. Inside with the UV bulb is a polished aluminium reflector.

The lamp is primarily intended for indoor use. If you want to use it in the field you need a 12v-to-240v inverter to plug into a 12v outlet in your vehicle (and maybe a long extension cord!)

This lamp performs as well as more expensive commercially made lamps. It is robust and durable.

Price is A$250 plus postage. 

This short video shows the lamp in action. [Please excuse the clicks in the sound. They are my leg scraping on a vinyl seat and I didn’t notice them when filming. They are not the clicks of a geigercounter!]