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There are no rocks currently available. A new batch will become available in due course. If you want to be added to the list of people to be advised when the next batch is about to be become available, send me an email (graham@fluoromins.com.au) asking to be put on the list.

When you click on a rock you will see a gallery of photos of it. Click on a photo in the gallery to enlarge it, and click it again to go back.
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Puttapa = Puttapa Zinc Mine, South Australia, Australia
Aroona = Aroona Zinc Mine, South Australia, Australia
3Plain = Third Plain Zinc Deposit, South Australia, Australia

NSW (New South Wales), SA (South Australia), WA (Western Australia) are Australian states.

In the galleries:
No letter = Short Wave (S), M = Mid Wave, L = Long Wave
SM = S+M, SL = S+L
SP = Short Wave phosphorescence, MP = Mid Wave phosphorescence, etc

If you’re not familiar with grams and kilograms, one ounce is about 30gm and one kilogram (1,000gm) is a bit over 2 lbs.

Note: Sold rocks are deleted soon after their sale has been finalised.


To avoid possible disappointment, before ordering make sure you have read the sections on Brightness, Close-Ups and Phosphorescence

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