Great News! Short and Mid Wave LED torches are now available.
Short Wave: 255nm, Mid Wave: 312nm

Three to four times as many minerals fluoresce under Short Wave UV and Mid Wave as under Long Wave UV. So the arrival of SW and MW torches is a great development for our hobby.

We offer 6 models:

Short Wave (255nm)
FS2: Small SW Torch (takes1 battery)
FS8: Large SW Torch (takes 1 battery)
FS8e: Large SW Torch with extension tube (takes 2 batteries)

Mid Wave (312nm)
FM2: Small MW Torch (takes1 battery)
FM8: Large MW Torch (takes1 battery)
FM8e: Large MW Torch with extension tube (takes 2 batteries)

The small torches take one 18650 or 21700 battery. The large ones take one 18650 or 21700 or 26650 battery. FS8e and FM8e have an extension tube which enables the torch to take two batteries, doubling the operating time between charges. The larger the battery, the longer the torch will shine before recharging is necessary. (See BATTERIES below).

Short Wave and Mid Wave torches are new. SW and MW LEDs have only recently been developed to a level where they can be used in a torch. They are more expensive and not as powerful as LW LEDs which have been around for longer. However, SW and MW torches are more convenient than tube-based lamps which are larger and more cumbersome.

Our Short & Mid Wave Kits

FS2 & FM2 Kits: Torch, two 18560 batteries, charger, carry pouch. (Details)

FS8 & FM8 Kits: Torch, two 26650 batteries, charger, carry pouch. (Details)

FS8e & FM8e Kits: Torch, four 26650 batteries, charger. (Details)


FS2 Kit: A$220

FM2 Kit: A$220

FS8 Kit: A$490

FM8 Kit: A$490

FS8e Kit: A$530

FM8e Kit: A$530

Plus postage at standard Auspost Rates


There is a new way of describing battery size.
18650 batteries are 18mm diameter and 65mm long.
21700 batteries are 21mm diameter and 70mm long.
26650 batteries are 26mm diameter and 65mm long.

The larger the battery, the higher the mAH capacity – that is, the longer the torch will run before re-charging is needed.

There are many fake Li-ion batteries on the market. Fakes will work, but they can be dangerous (fire) and they won’t have the mAH that they claim. Genuine 18650s weigh 44-48gm, fakes weigh 30-40gm