FL9 365nm Torch Kit

We’ve added an amazing new torch to our range. FL9 has six powerful LW LEDs that put out a huge amount of UV. It’s not a narrow beam. It’s more like a flood light, covering a wide area. It is great when you are showing off your LW fluorescent rocks. It’s also good when out looking for fluorescent rocks, but the narrow concentrated beam of FL8 may be more useful.

FL9 comes with four 18650 batteries installed, and has a built-in charger so you don’t need to remove the batteries for charging. The FL9 Kit includes the torch, USB charging cable, four 18650 batteries installed and four extra 18650 batteries. Its is relatively heavy and has quite a fat body, not as easily carried as FL8.

Price of the FL9 Kit is $200.


Send an email to graham@fluoromins.com.au giving your name, address, phone number and what you want to order, or use the Contact Form. I will reply with details for payment.
Payment options are Bank Transfer (preferred), PayPal, Visa or Mastercard.