Looking for OPAL?

If you are looking for opals you need a Long Wave (365nm) filtered torch.

The more powerful your torch, the more likely you are to find opals. Opal fluoresces (glows) bright blueish white under UV. It glows better under Long Wave (365nm) than under Short (254nm) or Mid Wave (310nm), and that’s good because SW and MW are much more expensive!

Our torches are being used by many opal hunters at Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, White Cliffs, Andamooka etc. One Lightning Ridge character recently purchased one, tried it, then ordered four more! I have been using them myself for many years when searching for all kinds of long wave fluorescent minerals.

Our models FL1, FL2 and FL8 are all suitable for Opal hunting. FL8 is the most powerful, and will reach much further than the smaller ones.

NOTE: Opal fluorescence has nothing to do with the daylight colours of the opal. Opal fluoresces a bluish-white colour regardless of how the opal looks in sunlight. You shine the UV torch on the ground at night and if you see a bright blue-white spot you pick up an opal. UV does NOT affect the beautiful white-light colours of opal. UV will not make those colours brighter or more intense. Only white light will do that. The role of UV is in the FINDING of the opals.

For details about these torches click Long Wave 365nm Torches.