Normally, we do not sell outside Australia.  Shipping rates are too high.  Australian specimens I have collected are available in USA from some of the USEFUL LINKS in the adjacent column.

The products we offer are:

Fluorescent Mineral Specimens

Portable and Display UV lamps

Customised Display Cabinets

Customised Fluorescent Mineral Displays – complete with cabinet, specimens, specimen labels, UV lamps, white lights, switches.


Until we advise otherwise, we are not registered to collect GST.  This means you don’t have to pay GST on purchases from us.  (If and when our turnover reaches the statutory threshold, this will change)

Our prices (including freight) for Way Too Cool lamps are below what you could achieve by buying direct from a USA dealer and having to pay freight across the Pacific.


We service and repair Way Too Cool UV lamps.


We handle warranty issues relating to Way Too Cool  Lamps purchased from us on the same terms that apply to Way Tool Lamps purchased direct from Way Too Cool or from other USA dealers, subject of course to Australian laws.

Warranty issues relating to our Display Cabinets will be dealt with on a case by case basis to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes.